Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Secret Club

I am part of a secret women’s club

Members join reluctantly, to no fanfare

We don’t have a handshake or secret signal

No wink, no nod, no fancy hats or outrageous clothes

We wear masks, like scarlet letters, to hide the pain

We don’t hail our club members with hearty greetings or big bear hugs

Only when another joins our ranks, do we reveal our membership

There is no initiation, no ritual to gain entrance

There are no privileges, no fancy balls

No retreats where we can rest our weary minds

No ornate lodge for congregation

Just a lonely little atoll surrounded by an ocean of emotion

Yes, I am part of a secret women’s club

It’s one I can never leave

I can only paste a bright smile on my face

And support my sisters as they grieve.

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