Saturday, August 7, 2010

Didja get my good side??

I was never so good photographically as when the digital camera became affordable. I tried so hard as a kid to take good pictures, but inevitably, there was a blur indicating I didn't hold the camera still long enough to get the ideal picture. I'm sure I've got some really great shots of some wonderful people having the time of our lives, if only I could identify SOMETHING in that picture that would trigger my memory. I wish that statement was an exaggeration, but it's not.

Fast forward to the digital age, especially the series of cameras known as the "point and shoot." Unlike in real life, you get do overs with point and shoots. Well, for still pictures anyway. For anything else, you better have your game face on cuz trying to catch a picture of your friend on the zip wire doesn't really lend itself to do overs. I, for one, am a huge fan of do overs, and take advantage of them every second I can. I don't know (nor do I care) how to frame the perfect shot so that the light hits the drop of water and makes it look like the perfect bead. I DO know how to point and shoot at bebe child and that's all I need.

Today, the toddler in chief and I went to the library to pick up a book. While there, I went to the online catalog to see if there were any books about Toy Story. Kaitlyn, without my initial awareness, was emulating me. She sat right down at the computer next to me and was looking up books on the path to enlightenment (silly me, I thought Toy Story books were sufficient). When I happened to notice what she was doing, I immediately took a picture with my camera phone. Kaitlyn, being very tech savvy, came over to see the picture I took. We both agreed it was not the best it could have been, so wordlessly, resignedly, she got back up in the chair and posed again. Again, I took the picture, we consulted on the results, and decided we were satisfied. Spontaneity? Out the window. But, you have to present your best side when auditioning for the Ford agency, or so bebe child tells me.

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