Monday, August 16, 2010

Toddler Trainwreck

This weekend was a hectic one, with lots of activities. However, Toddler In Chief continues to battle the nasty day care bug (not sure if that's the medical term for the crud coming out of her nose, but I'ma use it), so we decided to scrap her weekend plans in favor of a restorative weekend. Generally speaking, a snotty TIC means a cranky TIC come Monday drop off. As if I didn't already dread Mondays for work reasons, I now have the opportunity to dread Monday drop off.

Last night, TIC came to our room in the middle of the night clutching Woody and wanted to climb into bed. While this is not a new phenomena, what is new is that she spent the rest of the night in our bed. Usually she gets fed up and goes back to her bed. So, I was especially dreading this morning. I know *I* didn't sleep very well and assumed Kaitlyn didn't either (foolish, foolish me. She wasn't the one with the foot upside her head all night long).

Fast forward to drop off. We got to the classroom right after a new little boy. I didn't pay attention other than to "pity the fool" as Mr. T used to say, though I recognize I'm not using it in the proper context. Formerly new parents (me) recognize the newbies in the way the children cling to them to prevent mommy or daddy from leaving. Obviously, this tactic fails and the child is left wailing and the parent leaves broken hearted. The new little boy was no exception to the rule. What is FASCINATING is that MOMMY was in the car and made DADDY do the drop off. That's cold, man. Anyway, as soon as we get to the classroom, Kaitlyn pulls up a seat at the table and sits down to one of her least favorite breakfasts. I clearly took advantage of this to do my administrative stuff (love note, status report, etc). Bebe child wasn't even LOOKING at me. I finish up and go to give her several kisses on the neck and she BRUSHED ME OFF! She was looking at the new little boy in all his writhing, crocodile tear producing glory. My child has learned, at the tender age of two and a half, the entertainment value of watching a trainwreck.

I'm so proud I may cry.

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