Monday, August 23, 2010

My child did WHAT?!?!?

There will be a much longer post later to discuss the collective plan for whirled peas, poverty and the Gulf oil spill. For now, I will simply crow about what a GENIUS my child is and how her GENIUS is obviously a reflection of the collective GENIUS between Brent and I.

The collective decision was made for TIC to start potty training on her schedule. This was borne out of sheer lazinees, to be perfectly honest. Neither Brent nor I did any research on methods, rewards, etc. My thought was that peer pressure would be our guide. She'd see the kids at school going to the bathroom and she would want to get in on the action. This course of action DID cause me a bit of worry. What would happen when she was 30 and not potty trained because her parents were too lazy to perform a search followed by a couple of clicks on the interwebs? I didn't reallylet it consume me as they make Depends for that kind of thing and if she hadn't succumbed to peer pressure to pee and poop in the potty, then nothing I could say or do would change the outcome at that point.

We have encouraged potty time to no avail. Then, the skies opened up and God smiled upon us. Well, okay, that's a little dramatic, but it's like a switch was flipped. Brent went to pick up Kaitlyn and the teacher said Kaitlyn had at least one successfully potty attempt and we should bring her wearing underwear next week. When the hubster told me that, I am not ashamed to admit I doubted him. I asked him if he was sure if they were speaking of OUR bebe child. He assured me they were.

Lo and behold, Kaitlyn peed on the potty once on Saturday. No attempts on Sunday. Two successful attempts today at school, two accidents (one at school and one at a restaurant) and a successful attempt at home. WAHOO!!!! Here's hoping we keep this trend!

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