Thursday, August 26, 2010

What a wonderful weekend

This weekend was a very exciting weekend for many reasons. The highlight of the weekend was Aunt Terri's visit from Tennessee. I'm thinking after this weekend, Aunt Terri ain't stoppin' by until TIC is potty trained.

So, earlier, I reported that school gave us the greenlight for potty training Kaitlyn. I, for one, couldn't have been more excited! Due to Aunt Terri's visit (Hi, Aunt Terri!) it was scheduled to be a low key weekend. We could be as close as we wanted to be to a toilet ALL WEEKEND LONG! Starting with Saturday morning, Kaitlyn would be wearing UNDERWEAR! We were all excited! When I picked Terri up from the airport, I filled her in on the plan.

Saturday morning came. As I'm changing Kaitlyn I brought out the special Dora underwear. She got so excited about it she put it on herself and told EVERYONE she put on her "unnerwear all by myself". We got down to the basement to watch tv and hang out. Every five minutes I ask Kaitlyn if she has to go to the bathroom. Nope nope nope. Suddenly, K comes over and she's wet. She has had an accident. Later, she shows Aunt Terri where the accident was...Apparently Kaitlyn got excited about going down the slide and peed at the top of the slide. We switched from underwear to pull ups for pretty much the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday I got my hair 'did'. As soon as I got home, Terri and Brent complimented me on my new 'do. Kaitlyn excitedly exclaims "Mommy!!" She turns around and sees me. I reach out my arms to hug her and she completely bypasses me heading for the kitchen towel. She grabs the towel, comes over, tries to scrub my hair to her specification. My hair does not comply. Kaitlyn says "I be wight back, K?" and goes upstairs muttering about a towel. Two seconds later, she comes down with a BIG towel from my bathroom and attempts to scrub my hair again! Soon after, she stops. I'm not sure if my hair did what she wanted it to or if she simply gave up because it was going to take to much time and effort to make it "right." Then, and only then, did I get my hug!

I decided Saturday night to go out to Michaels to get stuff for tie dying t-shirts. While at the check out, I see Silly Bandz. What a perfect reward for going potty! We get home and I pull out the silly bandz explaining what they are for. Kaitlyn immediately has to go to potty. No successful attempts until later that evening when Mom (that would be me) completely misread the signs and pulled her off too soon. Quickly rectified and we had a truly successful attempt. There was big fanfare as we let Kaitlyn pick out her silly band. Five minutes later, the Silly band was ditched in a cushion somewhere. Apparently Kaitlyn hasn't gotten the memo about how cool Silly bandz are.

Sunday brings us tie-dye t-shirts (Thanks to Jenny Fischer for the idea) and a very cranky toddler. No underwear this time, only pull ups and a very early nap. Since this potty training stuff is so exhausting, Terri and I both took naps while TIC napped. We had a visit from a prospective kitty adopter who decided to adopt another kitten and then we were off, with a still cranky toddler, to Hellburger for a late lunch/early dinner. Thank GOD for glow bracelets because that was the ultimate saving grace for our meal that day. Not even a new George DVD could satisfy K. Shortly after arriving home Kaitlyn has a blow out of epic proportions. She went straight into the bathtub, that's how bad it was. It was a three person clean up effort! Kaitlyn was kind enough to show Aunt Terri all the places she pooped on the carpet and her toys.

Finally, Monday arrives. This is the day that we are going to be in FULL cahoots with the day care. She went to school wearing underwear and only had one accident all day. She was duly rewarded with two silly bands for her two successful potty attempts (both of which were promptly ditched). Kaitlyn, Aunt Terri and I go to Dulles Town Center for some birthday shopping. All day long we're stopping to allow Kaitlyn to go to the potty. I think she's overwhelmed by strange places for potty so she doesn't go. I didn't think to bring a pull up with me, but I do have diapers. Despite bribing her with a turn on the Merry Go Round, there is no potty at all. We sit down to have dinner and five minutes after placing our order (and five minutes after the last potty attempt), Kaitlyn peed in her chair. Aunt Terri to the rescue! While I clean up TIC, she retrieves a diaper and I think, but am not certain, cleans up her third potty accident of the weekend.

This potty training stuff is exhausting, both for TIC and the village that raises her. I think by the time we recover from this, Kaitlyn will be dating. Maybe we should keep her in diapers if for nothing other than to deter potential suitors! for thought.

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ferfischer said...

You're right it is exhausting. Honestly, much of the time diapers seems easier. So, how did the tie dying go?